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This template is built on the very powerful S5 Vertex Framework, which comes packed with amazing features! Learn More About Vertex...

Every template built on Vertex also comes with its own unique template specific options applicable to that particular template such as highlight colors, social icons, and much more. These features are in addition to the standard functions of Vertex, and are still controlled through the very user friendly interface of Vertex. This page will document the features specific to this template.

Template Specific Configuration Interface of Vertex

Below is a screenshot that shows all the template specific features available in the user friendly Vertex admin:

Custom Highlight Colors

Set your own custom color scheme with the built in highlight colors. There are two built in highlight colors that control menu items, titles, buttons, hover over effects, and much more. You can set these colors to any color that you want.

Top Row1 Inset Shadow

The top_row1 area of this template was designed to have a background image, which is controlled under the Backgrounds tab of Vertex. In addition to that background you set an inset shadow to cover the background image. You can set the size and opacity of this shadow to any size you wish.

Social Icons

Easily link to a social media site with the built in social icons found in the header of this template. Simply enter the url of your social site in the configuration and the icon will automatically appear. To disable an icon simply leave the url blank for that particular icon.

Uppercase Leters

Choose to enable or disable uppercase letters on most menu items, buttons, titles and more.

Small Menu

The S5 Flex Menu gives you the ability to have subtext on each menu item. If you choose not to use subtext on the first level links simply choose to disable this option and the menu will automatically down size.

Custom Header Background

At the bottom of the Template Specific tab you will see a separate section dedicated to custom header background options. These options allow you to specify the color or background image of the header. In the image below the header is shown with a repeating static background image. The default background is white, but you can override this with your own background settings as needed. Be sure to read the titles and tooltips of each feature to see what each does.


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